Moving Forward: Svit-Agro Celebrates its 10 Years of Success 

This year, Trade House “Svit-Agro” ltd. marks its 10th anniversary and announces the launch of a new-corporate web-site in support of its expanding business. Just 10 years ago, the company custom-cleared the very first container of products shipped from China and today we are proud of our ten-year track record of steady growth and sustainable development while supplying amino acids, feed additives, veterinary products, vaccines, acidifiers, premixes and other products to the Ukrainian and foreign markets.

Over the past decade, additional business units, innovative solutions and dedicated employees have joined the company. Starting as a team of 3 persons, today approximately 110 employees contribute to the company’s success and impeccable reputation as a responsible market player and reliable supplier.

Being highly experienced in international trade, we can ensure unobstructed transit of products from producers to end customers on any delivery terms that are satisfactory to the client. We are proud of our excellent reputation in the market, which is based on 10 years of successful work combined with the strive to meet each client’s needs and to fulfill mutual commitments with our partners.

On the verge of a new decade, Trade House “Svit-Agro” ltd. intends to keep up with its pace towards steady progress, discovery of new markets and enhancement of its added value to the products and services supplied while staying on the front line to contribute to our partners’ achievements and bring up new innovative solutions to meet ever growing needs of the market.

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