Trade House “Svit-Agro” ltd. respects and cares about its clients, maintains favorable partnership terms and aims at long-term mutually beneficial and result-oriented cooperation.


By applying modern trading practices, we supply the products of world leading producers and use unique expertise of our specialists and methods to resolve the industrial livestock and poultry farming issues.


The objective of the activities is to promote livestock development and increase its competitiveness by meeting the demands of farmers in quality products, feed additives and means as well as ensuring animal health.

The principles of our work:

  • To hold a leading position in the market;
  • To be number one in terms of technical support for pig and poultry farming;
  • To be the cohesive team of professionals who fruitfully work and constantly develop;
  • Integrated supply practices and customized service;
  • Steady financial position and stable equity growth;
  • Entry into the global equity market;
  • Build-up of sales volumes;
  • Growth of the number of regular customers;
  • Provision of express delivery services within Ukraine;
  • Two-way communications with partners;
  • Support of our products from upstream to downstream through the whole supply chain.

Our key advantages:

  • WE have extensive experience of successful operation in Ukraine

  • WE have proven to be a reliable and responsible supplier

  • WE are committed to fulfill our obligations in good time and good faith

  • WE support our supplies

  • WE provide qualified customer advice

  • WE apply a customer-tailored approach to business

Key advantages of our products:

  • EU quality standards

  • Increased performance with decreased costs

  • Improved usability of products

  • Safety for people and environment

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Production effectiveness

  • Storage stability