Trade house “Svit-Agro”

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Svit-Agro trading house is a team of professionals that has been successfully working on the market of feed additives and veterinary drugs in Ukraine since 2006.

The main field of activity of the company is the sale of such goods to agricultural enterprises as:


  • Coccidiostatics for broiler chickens, repair young chickens, turkeys, rabbits.
  • Amino acids for balancing the rations of pigs and poultry: L-lysine, L-threonine, L-tryptophan, L-methionine, MNA (methionine hydroxy analog).
  • Veterinary drugs for pigs, poultry, cattle.
  • Acidulizers based on organic acids with the addition of essential oils.
  • Vitamin and mineral blends and premixes.
  • Enzymes, antioxidants, dyes, probiotics.
  • Feed additives for poultry, pigs, cattle.
  • Vaccines for poultry.

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