Name: Stresnil (solution for injection, anesthetic)

Ingredients: 1 ml of the product contains the active substance (mg): 40.0. Excipients: tartaric acid, sodium metabisulfite, sodium hydroxide, ethyl ether 4-hydroxybenzoate, propylparaben, water for injections.

Applications: Stresnil is a sedative neuroleptic with a-adrenoblocking properties. When administered intramuscularly, it acts sedately without the use of anesthesia.

Groups of animals: pigs.

Indications for use: It is used for the prevention and treatment of sows, piglets with aggressiveness after regrouping; stress condition (transportation, farrowing, surgical intervention); pathological tension; for premedication before applying local or general anesthesia; enhancement of anesthesia.

Contraindications: When using the product, it is necessary to avoid low room temperatures in the premises where animals are kept, as there is a risk of cardiovascular failure through peripheral vasodilation.

Do not use pigs for slaughter less than 16 days before slaughter.

Side effects: No data.

Special precautions for application: Apply the product intramuscularly, injecting into the neck behind the ear. For injection of the product, use a needle for subcutaneous injections. The needle is inserted into the area behind the ear perpendicular to the surface of the skin. If there is a risk of administration of the solution to the adipose tissue, a short needle should be used and the drug should be administered slowly. After using the product, it is necessary to keep the animal in a quiet room and provide rest after injection.

Use during pregnancy and lactation: No peculiarities.

Interaction with other products or other forms of interaction: Avoid mixing in the same syringe with other drugs.

Dosing and routes of administration for animals of different age The product is administered intramuscularly at a dose of 2 ml behind the ear. To prevent and control the aggressiveness of piglets after regrouping and fattening pigs, use 1 ml of the product for 20 kg of body weight.

Withdrawal period: slaughter of animals for meat intended for human consumption is allowed after 16 days after application of the product. Products obtained before that period are disposed of or fed to unproductive animals, depending on the conclusion of a veterinarian.

Shelf life: 36 months. 1 month after the first selection from the vial.

Special protective measures: Protect from light in a place inaccessible to children and pets in the packaging manufacturer at a temperature of 15 to 30 °C.

Nature and composition of original packaging: Glass transparent vials of 100 ml.