Porcilis PRRS

Name: Porcilis PRRS

Ingredients: Each dose of the vaccine contains at least 104,0 TCID50 of live attenuated PPRS virus, DV strain. The vaccine is supplied with sterile Diluvac® Forte solvent, which contains DL-α-Tocopherol acetate – 75 mg / ml; potassium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium hydrophosphate.


Number of doses of the vaccine

in a vial

Required volume of solvent, ml
for intramuscular


for intradermal


10 20 2
25 50 5
50 100 10
100 200 20

Dosage: The vaccine is administered in a volume of 2 ml intramuscularly behind the ear or in the shoulder blade area

Pharmaceutical form: Freeze-dried vaccine, solvent emulsion

Indications for use: the vaccine is used to prevent the reproductive and respiratory syndrome in pigs.

Contraindications: do not vaccinate diseased animals.

Special precautions for application: dissolve the vaccine with Diluvac® Forte or vaccine Porcilis M. Hyo.

Methods of administration and dosage forms: special precautions for persons and service personnel: when working with the vaccine, personal hygiene rules adopted for veterinary drugs must be complied with. In case of accidental injection, a person should seek medical advice and show an insert or label of the vaccine.

Shelf life: The vaccine (freeze-dried) is stored for 24 months in a dry, dark place at + 2 + 8 °C. The solvent in glass vials can be stored for 4 years and in PET bottles for 21 months.

Storage and transportation conditions: The vaccine to be stored in a dry, dark place at + 2 + 8 °C. The solvent to be stored at a room temperature (25 ºС). The combined vaccine + solvent package is stored at + 2 + 8 ° C in a dry, dark place.