Nobilis Рaramyxo

Name: Nobilis® Рaramyxo is a vaccine against paramyxovirus infection in pigeons.

Ingredients: Each dose (0.25 cm) contains the active substance: Paramyxovirus in pigeons, strain P201> 6.8 log2 hemagglutinating units; excipients: adjuvant – liquid paraffin; inactivant – formalin.

Immunobiological properties: the product stimulates the development of active immunity against paramyxovirus infection in pigeons caused by infection with paramyxovirus type 1. Immunity formation: four weeks after initial vaccination. The duration of immunity is at least 1 year.

Clinical properties: Groups of animals: pegions.

Indications for use: the vaccine is intended for active immunization of pigeons in order to protect against clinical manifestations of paramyxovirus infection caused by paramyxovirus type 1. In vaccinated birds, the release of the virus into the environment during infection is significantly reduced.

Contraindications: If properly administered in accordance with the insert, there are no contradictions.

Do not vaccinate within four weeks of the start of the coupling season.

Dosage forms and routes of administration for birds of different age: Administer to each bird into the lower dorsal part of the neck subcutaneously injects 0,25 cm of the vaccine. Vaccinate 4 weeks and older pigeons 6 weeks before competitions, exhibitions and coupling season. Subsequently vaccination is carried out annually.

Shelf life: 24 months Once opened, use the vaccine within 3 hours.

Packing: 20 and 50 ml polyethylene terephthalate container with nitrile rubber stopper and coded flip off aluminum cap.