Nobilis® Coryza

Name: Nobilis® Coryza is an inactivated vaccine against avian hemophiliosis.

Ingredients: Active substances – inactivated bacteria and excipients: adjuvant – purified saponin – 500 micrograms. Inactivants – thiomersal (<0.02%) and EDTA (<0.07%).

Pharmaceutical form: suspension

Immunobiological properties: Nobilis®Coryza provides the formation of active specific immunity against avian hemophiliosis caused by Avibacterium paragallinarum serotypes A, B, C. To provide a long-term, specific stress immunity (at least 52 weeks after administration), the active ingredients in the vaccine are introduced into the purified saponin adjuvant.

Groups of animals: chickens.

Indications for use: The vaccine is intended for active immunization of 10-12 weeks old chickens against hemophilia.

Contraindications: Vaccinate only healthy chickens. Do not apply during laying periods.

Special precautions for application: bring to a temperature of 15-25 °С. Before and during use, to shake well the vaccine vial. Use sterile tools for vaccination.

Interaction with other products: Do not mix with other drugs. Do not use other systemic products during vaccination. Special instructions during laying: Do not apply.

Routes of administration and dosage forms: Each bird must be administered with 0.25 ml of the vaccine intramuscularly into the thoracic muscle or thigh.

Vaccination program: Nobilis® Coryza is used in 10-12 weeks birds, revaccination is carried out a few weeks before the start of the laying period. The interval between administrations should be at least 4 weeks.

Side effects: Minor swelling is possible at the injection site that rapidly terminates.

Withdrawal period: 21 days