Nobilis AE+ POX

Name: Nobilis AE+ POX (live vaccine against avian encephalomyelitis and pox)

Composition: Each dose contains encephalomyelitis virus, Calnek 1143> 2.5 log10 EID50 strain and smallpox virus, Gibbs strain> 2.8 log10 EID50 strains, grown on SPF chicken embryos. The vaccine also contains stabilizers and gentamicin. The vaccine consists of two components. One vial with the vaccine and one vial with Unisolve sterile solvent.

 Pharmaceutical form: Vaccine in the form of lyophilisate, with added solvent.

Routes of administration and dosage forms: The vaccine is to be carried out by piercing the wing-web with a special applicator (1 dose (0.013 ml) vaccine (encephalomyelitis virus> 2.5 log10 EID50 and smallpox virus> 2.8 log10 EID50) per bird. Vaccination is performed by piercing the wing web from below so that it does not get into the feathery part of wings.

Packaging: Vials of 1000 vaccine doses, Unisolve solvent in 13 ml glass vials also to be added. A packing cardboard box contains a plastic adapter for solving the vaccine and a vaccine wing-web applicator in the form of a double metal needle with a plastic handle.

Storage and transport conditions: Store in a dark place inaccessible to unauthorized persons, especially children, at temperatures from 2 °C to 8 °C. Do not freeze the product.