Мintrex® Zn

Product name: Mintrex® Zn.
Description: Mintrex® Zn is a highly bioavailable form of supplemental zinc and is used for the further manufacture of mineral feeds and supplements.
Appearance: gray-tan powder or granules.
Odor: sulfur.
Bulk density – 0.79 g/cm3.
Nutrient values:

  • 17,5% by weight zinc as zinc methionine hydroxy analogue chelate.
  • HMTBa content (methionine activity) – 81% by weight.
  • Protein value – 47.6%.

Feeding instructions:
Broilers, layers, parent stock, turkey, duck: 170 – 340 g per ton of complete feed (30 – 60 mg Zn).
Sows, piglets, grower and fattening pigs: 280 – 340 g per ton of complete feed (50 – 60 mg Zn).
Milk and meat cattle: 2 grams per head per day.
Do not exceed the following concentrations of zinc in complete feed:
Pets (dogs, cats): 250 mg;
Fish: 200 mg;
Other species: 150 mg;
The complete or partial milk substitutes: 200 mg per kg.
Packaging: 25 kg bag
Shelf life: Minimum 3 years when stored as directed.
Storage instructions: Store at ambient temperatures in a sealed container. Keep dry at all times.
Special precautions: When mixing and handling the feed additive, use respirators, impervious gloves and special glasses.
Overview: Mintrex® is a chelated trace mineral that optimizes key production parameters above levels obtained by other chelated mineral sources, directly increasing customer profitability. Only Mintrex® can improve your bottom line by increasing salable meat, decreasing mortality, improving feed efficiency and improving immune response.
Mintrex® chelated trace minerals combine Alimet® feed supplement with an essential trace mineral in a two-to-one chelated molecule. This protects the mineral from antagonists, allowing it to be more efficiently absorbed once reaching the small intestine. The result is greater bioavailability, digestive tract stability and a residual methionine effect that can reduce the required level of supplemental methionine per ton of feed.

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