Product name: Agita (insecticide intended for the control of flies in livestock premises, as well as in public areas and in warehouses.)

Ingredients: 100 g of the product contains: Thiamethoxam – 10.0 g, Tricosene – 0.05 g, Tensopol – 1.5 g, Lactose – 10.0 g, Lignosulfonic acid, ethoxylated, sodium salts – 0.5 g, crystal sugar up to 100 g

Pharmaceutical form: Water-soluble granules

Pharmacological properties: Preparations for disinfection of livestock facilities, equipment. The product contains 10% of thiamethoxam. a compound belonging to the group of eosinicotinoids, and 0.05% tricosene, a pheromone that attracts flies. Thiamethoxam interacts as an antagonist with receptor proteins of nicotinic cetylcholin receptors on the postsynaptic membrane of nerve cells, which ultimately leads to the death of flies. The active substance has a toxic effect both when swallowed and when in contact with the outer coatings (the substance penetrates the body surface of the insect).

Indications for use: This product is used in places of accumulation of insects, for example, such as warm walls, sunny side walls, window frames, supports, fence parts, pipes, etc.

Special precautions for application: Do not apply in the presence of animals and poultry. During treatment, premises must be free of animals.

Doses and routes of administration for animals of different ages (method of use, concentration, rate of use, exposure): The product is used as a solution for application or spraying on surfaces.

Action period: 4 – 6 weeks

Withdrawal period: Not applicable.

Forms of incompatibility: Not determined.

Shelf life: 5 years.

Nature and composition of original packaging: 100 and 400 g plastic containers