Acidomix® AFG

Product name: Acidomix® AFG.
Presentation: Acidomix ® AFG is a microgranulated nutritional feed supplement based on a combination of formic acid (E-236), propionic acid (E-280) ammonium formate (E-295) and ammonium propionate (E-284) adsorbed to a silica carrier (E-551a).

Colour white
Structure microgranulated
Odour slightly aromatic of formic and propionic acid and NH3
Particle size > 0,8 mm max. 5 % (DIN 66165)
Flowability >3 (Novus PN-Flow-02)
Active substances formic acid – 207 000 mg/kg
ammonium formate – 175 000 mg/kg
propionic acid – 128 000 mg/kg
ammonium propionate – 42 000 mg/kg
Analysis formic acid – 335 000 mg/kg1 (HPLC)
propionic acid – 162 000 mg/kg1 (HPLC)
ammonia – 55 000 mg/kg1 (Kjeldahl)

Use: Due to strong antimicrobial effects, Acidomix® AFG improves feed hygiene. The inclusion of Acidomix® AFG in feed for rearing animals results in the stabilization of the gastro-intestinal microflora. Furthermore, the digestion of protein (activation of enzymes) is stimulated by lowering pH and acid-binding capacity of the feed. The use of Acidomix® AFG is a preventive measure in the control of salmonella.
Piglet feed – up to 1,0%.
Grower/finisher feed– up to 0,8%.
Sow feed – up to 1,0%.
Poultry feed – up to 0,5%.
Salmonella control – up to 0,8%.
Feed stabilization – up to 0,6%.
Legal category: Nutritional feed supplement.
Storage: A minimum shelf life of 12 months as from date of manufacture can be achieved if the product is stored in original sealed bags under cool and dry conditions. Protect from freezing.
Precautions: Keep packages tightlyclosed. Open with care. Follow instructions on the material safety data sheet.
Packaging: Big Bag with polyethylene liner: 1,000kg net Paper-polyethylene bag: 10kg or 25kg net.