On June 22-23, 2024, the “Days of Adoption” event for homeless animals took place at the International Center of International Trade and Industry in Kyiv. Trading House “Svit-Agro” together with the BRAVECTO® brand supported this event, which gathered many people who wanted to find a new pet.

The BRAVECTO® brand has supported all newly created pets by providing each adopted tail from shelters that has found a home and a family with BRAVECTO® and BRAVECTO® PLUS anti-parasitic protection for 3 months!

During the two days of the event, 134 dogs and cats went home under the reliable and long-lasting protection of BRAVECTO®, tails wagging and purring with joy, because now they have a home and a loving family.

We express special thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thanks to their courage and dedication we are able to continue our work and support such important initiatives.

Many thanks to everyone who joined this event and helped the animals find new families!