Neporex 2SG

Name: Neporex® 2 SG, insecticide

Ingredients: 100 g of the product contains: active substance: cyromazine 2 g
Excipients: polyethylene glycol, water, urea.

Pharmaceutical form: Water-soluble granules

Pharmacological properties: cyromazine as its active substance (2-cyclopropylamine-4,6-diamine-8-triazine) is effective against larvae of two-winged insects Musca spp., Drosophila spp., Stomoxys calcitrans, Lucilia spp. in manure and other places of reproduction of flies. Cyromazine is a regulator of growth of larvae of flies and other insects, affects chitin metabolism during the larval molt period. Cyromazine inhibits the development of the cuticle in the larvae body, stopping the growth of larvae that develop in a humid environment (in manure, litter, fermenting feed residues, etc.) and causing their death. Cyromazine acts on insect larvae only at a certain stage of development. In the recommended concentrations, it is most effective at the stage of the first molting of two-winged insect larvae and has a much weaker effect at other stages of the larvae development. In addition, its effect is limited to larvae of two-winged insects and does not apply to other insects that reproduce in the same environment. Cyromazine interrupts the development of flies during the period of molting from the 1st to the 2nd stage. It is recommended that the product be used early, as the larvae of the 2nd and 3rd stage, despite the treatment, continue to develop, thus delaying the apparent effect of the product. Depending on the treatment time, the effect of Neporex® 2 SG on the adult population of flies becomes noticeable 1-2 weeks after application. It is recommended to use insecticides against adult insects simultaneously to destroy the population of adult flies.

Dosage forms and routes of administration for animals of different age Neporex® 2 SG is a water soluble powder that can be used dry, as well as by spraying and watering. Applications schemes in various livestock buildings (see more detail in the sheet tab) 5 years.

Nature and composition of original packaging: 5 kg high density polyethylene containers