Luctarom Milky Vanilla

Product name: Luctarom® Milky Vanilla.
Benefits and Features:

  • Odor intensity and pleasantness is 3.5 times higher in comparison with the benchmark.
  • The intensity of the smell after granulation is 3 times higher than the benchmark.
  • 60 days after the production pellets odor intensity is more than 60% of the intensity of feed before processing.

Description: Flavour additive for animal feed.
Presentation: Creamy flavor with notes of butter, milk and coconut and lower notes of sweet vanilla.
Characteristics: Not hygroscopic powder, from white to pale yellow. Compatible with all types of premixes and feed ingredients. Does not change the flowability performance of feed or premixes.
Dosage: 100 to 1000 g / t of feed, depending on the desired properties of flavor and ingredients used in the recipes.
Packaging: Aluminized, heat-resistant, sealed bags, 25 kg net weight. Package can be 100% reused.
Storage: A minimum shelf life of 18 months in original sealed packaging when stored in a cool and dry place.