• Protects compound feed, feed ingredients and petfood from oxidation, preserving the nutritive value and maintaining the normal growth rate.
  • Reduces vitamin degradation in premixes caused by storage and prevents the oxidation of carotenes and luteins.
  • Low inclusion level in premixes.
  • Formulation Ethoxyquin- free.


Dry  powder  antioxidant  for  the  protection  of  feed  ingredients,  premixes  and compound feeds.


Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), propyl gallate (E310), natural rosemary extract, citric acid (E330), sodium phosphate (E339) and colloidal silicic acid (E551a).


White product with a characteristic rosemary smell. Compatible with all premixtures and feed ingredients. It does not alter their flow properties.


Use 100 to 1000 g per tonne of raw material, premix, mineral feed or compound feed depending on the substrate, time, fat content and preservation strategy to apply.

100 – 150 g/tonne for the protection of standard complete feed with 3% fat.

100 – 1000 g/t raw materials depending on susceptibility to oxidation (fish meal: 750-1000 g/t; meat and bone meal: 600-750 g/t)

100 – 300 g/t for the protection of premix and mineral feed


Thermosealed aluminised polyethylene bags, with 25 kg net weight. 100% recyclable.


18 months in the original sealed package, if kept in a cool and dry place.