Name: L-Valine
Ingredients: 1 kg contains:
L-valine – at least 96.5%.
Pharmaceutical form: Powder.
Pharmacological properties: Valine is an essential amino acid that promotes the synthesis of muscle protein, improves the nitrogen balance in the body.
Groups of animals: Pigs, poultry.
Indications for use: Balancing diets for pigs and poultry in terms of valine.
Contraindications: Not found
Special precautions for application: None.
Use during pregnancy and lactation: According to the recommendations on application.
Interaction with other products or other forms of interaction: None.
Dosing and routes of administration for animals of different age To be introduced into compound feed and fodder mix at feed mills and feed workshops, according to the standard content of valine in diets, taking into account its actual content in feeds. Recommended content of valine in compound feeds:
broilers: 0.1% – 1.5%;
turkeys: 0.1% – 1.5%;
laying hens: 0.1% – 1.0%
piglets: 0.5% – 2.5%
fattening pigs: 0.2% – 1.5%;
sows: 0.2% – 1.0%.
Special precautions: None.
Special warnings for staff: Comply with generally accepted sanitary standards and work safety regulations.
Shelf life: 24 months
Special precautions during storage: Dry, dark place at temperatures from 5 to 25 ° C.
Nature and composition of original packaging: Paper bags with polyethylene insert 25 and 800 kg.
Special precautions for handling unused product or its residues: In accordance with applicable regulations.
Name and location of the registration holder:
PT Cheil Jedang Indonesia JL. Raya Arjosari Km 9, Kecamatan Rejoso, Kabupaten Pasuruan 67181, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Name and location of the manufacturer:
PT Cheil Jedang Indonesia, JL. Raya Arjosari Km 9, Kecamatan Rejoso, Kabupaten Pasuruan 67181, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
CJ (Shenyang) Biotech Co. Ltd. (People’s Republic of China) Ju Nong Lu, Shenbei New District,  Shen Yang Liaoning