Name: L-Methionine Feed Grade 99%

Ingredients: 1 kg contains the active ingredient: at least 99.0% of L-methionine (powder)

Description: Methionine contributes to the synthesis of choline, thus normalizing the synthesis of phospholipids from fats and reduces the deposition of neutral fat in the liver. It is involved in the synthesis of adrenaline, creatine, activates the action of a number of hormones, enzymes, cyanocobalamin, ascorbic and folic acids. It decontaminates some toxins by methylation.

Groups of animals: pigs, poultry.

Indications for use: Normalization of protein metabolism, increase in the productivity of monogastric animals.

Dosing and routes of administration for animals of different age: To be introduced into compound feed and fodder mix at feed mills and feed workshops, according to the standard content of methionine in diets, taking into account its actual content in feeds. Recommended rate to include in feed: Laying hen – 200 -700 g/t; broilers – 1000-2000 g/t; pigs – 300-500 g/t. For premixes, the feed additive is applied according to the approved formulation.

Special precautions during storage: Dry, dark place at temperatures from 0 to 30 ° C.

Nature and composition of original packaging: 25 kg paper bags