EРU-400-RPC – F

EРU-400-RPC – F is a high-nutritious fermented rapeseed meal for the production of compound feed for pigs in the form of a bulk product.

Only high-quality raw materials are used for the production of EРU-400-RPC – F. Thanks to the advanced technological process, as a result of fermentation of lactic acid bacteria, this product provides the need for animals in easily digestible proteins and improves the health of the colon due to the elimination of anti-nutrients and the presence of lactic acid and other useful metabolites.

Its application in the feeding of poultry or pigs, reduces feed conversion, increases the survival and growth of live weight of animals.

EРU-400-RPC – F can be purchased from TH “Svit-Agro” Ltd., an exclusive distributor in Ukraine. The product can be packed in 500 and 1000 kg big bags or 25-40-50 kg bags