EPU500 SPC-F is a supplementary HiPro soy based functional protein. The product promotes growth and maintains intestinal health among all species of animals.

Product description

EPU500 SPC-F is a functional soy protein with probiotic and prebiotic effects. EPU500 SPC-F consists of lactic acid bacteria fermented HiPro soy meal and has a high protein content.

Protein is easily digested and has a low amount of anti-nutrient factors (ANF).

EPU500 SPC-F has the highest quality amino acid profile.

EPU500 SPC-F contains 6% lactic acid. Please note that feed should be optimized and additional acidifiers should be reduced.


EPU500 SPC-F is a natural growth stimulator and stabilizer of intestinal function. The product is easily digested by young animals and has a low amount of ANF. EPU500 SPC-F improves the absorption of nutrients and minerals and reduces the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus. EPU500 SPC-F balances the intestinal flora and promotes the development of lactic acid bacteria, while suppressing pathogenic bacteria.

Lower costs or better performance?

EPU500 SPC-F is able to replace more expensive proteins, such as fish meal, potato protein and soybean products.

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For additional benefits, EPU500 SPC- is used simultaneously with EPU400 RPC-F or EP199.