Acidomix AFL

Product name: Acidomix® AFL.
Presentation: Acidomix® AFL is a feed acidifier based on formic acid (E-236), propionic acid (E-280), ammonium formate (E-295) and ammonium propionate (E-284).

Colour colourless – yellowish
Structure liquid
Odour weakly aromatic
Active substances formic acid – 310 mg/kg
ammonium formate – 260 mg/kg
propionic acid – 191 mg/kg
ammonium propionate – 60 mg/kg
Analysis formic acid – 500 mg/kg1 (HPLC)
propionic acid – 240 mg/kg1 (HPLC)
ammonia – 81 mg/kg1 (Kjeldahl)

Use: Due to strong antimicrobial effects, Acidomix® AFL improves feed hygiene. The inclusion of Acidomix® AFL in feed for rearinganimals results in the stabilization of the gastro-intestinal micro-flora. Furthermore, the digestion of protein (activation of enzymes) is stimulated by lowering pH and acid-binding capacity of the feed. Acidification of the drinking water by Acidomix® AFLmarkedly reduces its microbial load. The use of Acidomix® AFL is a preventative measure to control salmonella.
Piglet feed – up to 0,8 %.
Acidification of the drinking water – up to 0,2 %.
Feed stabilization – up to 0,4 %.
Salmonella control – up to 0,6 %.
Poultry feed – up to 0,4%.
Legal category: Premixture.
Storage: A minimum shelf life of 24 months as from date of manufacture can be achieved if the product is stored in original sealed packaging under cool and dry conditions.
Precautions: Keep packages tightlyclosed. Open with care. Follow instructions on the material safety data sheet.
Packaging: Containers 1000 kg, 200 kg, 30 kg net.

1) Tolerance in compliance with German Feed Directive, §19

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