EРU- 500 – SPC – F

EРU- 500 – SPC – F is a soybean product with high content of proteins for the production of compound feed for pigs and poultry in the form of a bulk product.

Only high-quality raw materials  – high-protein soybean meal – are used for the production of EРU- 500 – SPC – F. The modern technological production process increases its protein level, decreases the number of anti-nutrients, improves digestibility, assimilation of amino acids and nutrients. Its application in the feeding of poultry or pigs, reduces feed conversion, increases the survival and growth of live weight of animals.

The high content of raw protein, essential amino acids, which have high digestibility, minerals allows to form high-protein and high-energy recipes with the introduction of 2-10% of the product without the use of expensive feed additives. EPU-500 can be purchased from TH “Svit-Agro” Ltd., an exclusive distributor in Ukraine.